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Looking for Jentendo, Getendo, Jintendo, Jintindo, Jatendo CMS?

In case, you can't remember the spelling of our project, we setup this page in an effort to try to catch your typo.

For the record, our project is named "Jetendo CMS"

Jintendo or Jatendo CMS wouldn't make sense because one of the root words in our project is "Jet".  We choose Jet, because we want people to associate our project with being fast.

How do you pronounce Jetendo?

Say the word "Jet" as the first syllable.  Think of a popular video game company that ends with "endo".  "endo" sounds the same in "Jetendo".  

So you pronounce Jetendo like this "Jet" + "n" + "dough".  

Developer spelling mistakes

I have already found myself accidentally typing Jentendo (wrong) several times already.  When even the developer of Jetendo (correct) can't get it right, I'm sure others will have trouble too.

Think Jet,  Think Jetendo CMS

I want our project to not only be fast in performance, but also fast to understand and fast when you consider the total time spent developing your next custom web site.

Other common typos

Our project is not Jatando.  We're certainly not Jotondo.   Maybe someone even puts a G in front and starts calling it Gitendo, Getendo or Gatando.   This would be incorrect again.  We are Jetendo CMS!

What does "endo" in "Jetendo" mean?

"Endo" is a common English root word which can mean "within" in some words.

Jetendo could mean "Fast within".   Though "endo" is usually used at the beginning of a word.   But why bother with perfect English in the context of a brand name.   If we say our software is "fast within", you better believe it!  I intentionally choose a non-word for our CMS name.

Does Jetendo mean anything in another language?

I'm not aware of Jetendo existing in another language.  Google translate couldn't recognize it when I tried.   It Jetendo is extremely bad thing in another language, I'm sorry!  I did try to consider that.   At least, I didn't name it something that clearly implies something undesirable like Wii or iPad - LOL.

I hope you enjoy using Jetendo CMS!

-- Bruce Kirkpatrick, creator of Jetendo CMS

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