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Jetendo CMS Issue Tracker

Have you found a bug in Jetendo CMS?

We want to know about it! We treat bugs with high priority and work hard to get them fixed as quickly as possible. 

  1. Be sure to read our post on how to report bugs.
  2. Then, Create a New Issue on Jetendos CMS's GitHub Issues page.  

Do you wish Jetendo CMS had "X" feature?

Tell us what you think Jetendo CMS should be doing better.  Create a new question on the Jetendo CMS Google Group.

About GitHub.com

GitHub.com offers one of the most popular services for largescale collaboration on technical projects with other people around the world. GitHub.com provides free source code hosting, git version control and project management features to open source projects as well as providing commercial services for private hosting of projects.   We currently use many of GitHub's tools to reduce the burden of managing multiple systems.  This allows us to focus more on developing Jetendo CMS.

About Google Groups

Google Groups is a powerful forum, q&a and mailing list system that is associated with your Google account.  You can subscribe to topics to receive alerts by email, and opt out of individual topics or the entire list at any time.  

We moderate new accounts to reduce spam on the group, so please write a short message when joining the group so we know a bit about you.

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