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Jetendo CMS Roadmap

Below we describe the features that are planned for a future version of Jetendo.  Entries appear in no particular order, and at this time, we don't have a schedule of when these features will be finished or released.

  • Add Responsive / Mobile features for Real Estate & Rentals systems
  • Build a reusable comments and user notification system for public and private socialization that can be related to any content on a site.
  • Implement and customize Jetendo to work with mod_security or similar concepts
  • Implement audit trails, content versioning and rollback.
  • Add internationalization support for translating the core application to other languages.
  • Build automation to enable easy high availability clustering and scaling of Jetendo CMS across multiple virtual machines or dedicated servers in one or more datacenters.
  • Allow deployment of Jetendo Server as an immutable base image that is shared by many virtual machines.  Automate deployment so that servers can be upgraded by shutting them down, replace the base image, and starting them again to make upgrade of large cluster easier and more reliable.
  • Write documentation for the Site Manager and Server Manager to help users understand how to use these features.
  • Write technical documentation explaining how to integrate with various features of Jetendo CMS.
  • Implement automated testing including unit tests and selenium based browser automation.
  • Finish implementing an electronic contract and signature system to handle client contracts in a central portal and in their site manager.
  • Implement secure file integrity monitoring and permission auto-correction for entire Linux environment.  Note, this is partially implemented for Jetendo CMS directories currently.
  • Complete Jetendo CMS caching system that will rely on Server Side Includes (SSI) and Nginx Proxy Cache to allow static file serving with intelligent cache clearing to reduce overhead and improve availability of content that doesn't require dynamic features.
  • Complete an integrated centralized logging solution that makes it easier to track and resolve problems.
  • Converting all Jetendo CMS features to function as Ajax requests including forms, and the manager.
  • Rewrite all inline Javascript to be external and asynchronously attached to DOM.
  • Improve source code for easier maintenance by reducing the size of functions.
  • Implement the majority of the front-end HTML as a simpler independent view layer, which isolates the business logic from the presentation in a way that is easier for non-programmers to customize.
  • Implement visual layout building interface in the manager to create new types of layouts without programming, and save them for later reuse on pages, sections, layouts and other sites.
  • Continue fixing cross-browser Javascript errors that exist in the current version of the application.
  • Make history.js ajax page transition work more reliably across all features in Jetendo.
  • Implement Sphinx keyword search as a replacement to using MariaDB fulltext index.

Excited about one of these upcoming features or have another idea? Comment on it below:

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