Jetendo CMS License

GPLv3 or later license Jetendo CMS is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or any later version.

Jetendo CMS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3-LICENSE.txt) along with Jetendo CMS. If not, see

Third party software included with Jetendo CMS

Some of the included software is licensed differently due to integrating with third party code. In some cases, we have modified the third party software. These other licenses are compatible with the GNU GPLv3 license because they use the same license or a less restrictive license. The licenses must be included when distributing Jetendo CMS. You can find a list of the included software at

Special exception for certain customizations

We allow developers to develop & distribute commercial proprietary closed source solutions if they follow these requirements:

  • You must distribute the customized work separately from Jetendo CMS under the license of your choice.
  • Your customizations cannot alter the Jetendo CMS database.
  • Your customizations cannot alter files in the specified sub-directories of the "jetendo" project:
    • core
    • database-upgrade
    • public
    • scripts

This special exception only applies if you wish to license your work under a more restrictive license then GNU GPLv3 or later license.

Jetendo CMS License FAQ

May I distribute Jetendo CMS or customizations to it?

  1. Distributing a Jetendo CMS or a customized version is allowed as long as the changes are also licensed as GNU GPL version 3 or later.
  2. You may not distribute Jetendo CMS with other software that has a more restrictive license.

May I distribute plug-ins, themes and other software for Jetendo CMS under a different license?

Yes, please refer to the “Special exception for certain customizations” section of the Jetendo CMS license for the requirements.

May I charge money for my themes and plug-ins for Jetendo CMS?

Yes. There are no restrictions placed on charging for the software or related services as long as you distribute Jetendo CMS according to the license. Keep in mind, that you are required to distribute the source code and database for Jetendo CMS to new users if they request it. Any work that qualifies to be distributed under the special exception clause, may be distributed differently.

Why did you make Jetendo CMS open source?

For many years, we have benefited from using free open source software and we wish to give our work back to the community.

We hope other developers will find our software useful and wish to collaborate with us.

Why does a license matter for free software?

Free open source software licenses do put some restrictions on what can be done with the software, but generally they try to assign certain freedoms to new users of the software to help keep the software free. It is important to understand the licenses especially if you intend to sell or distribute the source code at a later date. However, most users of the software should be able to achieve their goals without being obstructed by the licenses.

Learn more about open source licenses:

Learn more about open source license compatibility:

Do I need to link to Jetendo CMS or display its logos?

We may include links to ourselves by default, but they are not required to be visible. It is legal for you to remove any logos or branding that appears in the output from the application, but you may not remove the license files & comments. We don't force our users to promote the Jetendo CMS brand, but we hope that you will choose to attribute us if you find our software useful.

How can I use the Jetendo CMS logo / trademarks?

We will provide a resource for how to use our logo and trademarks at a later date.

Third party software included with Jetendo CMS

Project License Language Function
TTLoanCalc GPL PHP Mortgage Amoritization Calculator
Jquery MIT Javascript Framework/Library
Jquery UI MIT Javascript User interface controls
Tinymce LGPL Javascript HTML editor in browser
jscolor LGPL Javascript Color form control
Google Closure Compiler Apache License 2.0 Java Minify/combine js/css files
iscroll MIT Javascript Support frame scrolling on mobile
swfobject MIT Javascript Embed Flash objects
ContentFlow MIT Javascript Slideshow
VideoJs LGPL Javascript Video player
Colorbox MIT Javascript Slideshow
SlideJS Apache license 2.0 Javascript Slideshow
jquery-lightbox CC Share Alike Javascript Slideshow
Stacktrace.js Public Domain Javascript Error Handling
Flowplayer GPLv3 Javascript Video player
Jquery-SelectBox MIT & GNUv2 Javascript Custom selectbox styling
jquery-dcverticalmegamenu MIT & GPL Javascript Popup Menus
jquery.hoverIntent MIT & GPL Javascript Framework for mouse interaction
jquery-mega-drop-down-menu MIT & GPL Javascript Popup Menus
JPlayer MIT & GPL Javascript Video/Audio player
PWDMeter GPL Javascript Password strength meter
OSFlvPlayer GPL Flash Video component

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