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Jetendo CMS System Requirements

Jetendo CMS has a substantial amount of dependencies and automation.  We may eventually allow Jetendo CMS to be installed with fewer dependencies, but to take advantage of all its features, you will need to install everything listed.  The Jetendo Server project includes full documentation on how to install and configure all the prerequisite software.  You can also download a development virtual machine on the downloads page.

Jetendo CMS is currently designed for the following server configuration.

Supported CFML Engines:

The minimum version required is listed below:
Lucee 5.3 using Tomcat 8 or newer (Compatible)

Supported Databases

MariaDB 10.x are tested to be compatible.  

Supported operating systems:

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.  Other system would require customization.

Windows and Mac compatibility may require significant modifications to function.  They are not tested or officially supported.  It is recommended to run Jetendo in a virtual machine if you are using these platforms for development.

Compatible web servers

At the moment, we deploy Jetendo CMS on Lucee 5 with Tomcat 8 with Nginx in front of Tomcat, so we have more knowledge about this configuration.  Some of the automation features we've built are designed for Ubuntu, Nginx and Tomcat specifically.

We have configured the application to run on Apache in the past, but we'll need to re-test and publish documentation for Apache configuration at a later date.

Additional Software Dependencies

Portions of Jetendo CMS rely on specific Linux packages to be installed with specific configuration settings enabled.

PHP 7.x with MySQL support is required (for server administration scripts, image resizing).
Nginx 1.5 or newer
HandbrakeCLI (for video encoding)
Postfix (or another mail server for email handling)
Oracle Virtualbox 4.x or newer (for the test environment)
and several other Linux packages.

This list is incomplete, please refer to the readme in the Jetendo Server project on github for the complete software requirements.

There is a Jetendo Server project on github.com, which hosts the configuration and documentation to build a working production or development server environment for Jetendo.

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