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Official Release

These releases were tested to be working, but they don't always have the latest features available on  Make sure to follow the directions for installing from the "RELEASE" version in the readme if you want to avoid running the development version.

Jetendo CMS v0.1.009
Released: 9/27/14 | Release Notes

Jetendo Server v0.1.009
Released: 9/27/14

Jetendo Default Theme v0.1.009
Released: 9/27/14

Railo Custom Build For v4.2.1.002
Released: 7/13/14 | Release Notes

Jetendo Virtual Machine v0.1.004
Released: 5/4/14 | Release Notes

Looking for a previous version?

Download Previous Versions of Jetendo CMS

About Railo Custom Builds

Some features in Jetendo rely on a custom build of the Railo CFML Engine. For this reason, we provide a custom build of Railo that we use on our own servers. This patch file must be manually installed for Jetendo CMS to function correctly. By default on Apache Tomcat, patches go in this directory on our project: /var/jetendo-server/railo/lib/railo-server/patches/. Make sure the username matches your Tomcat user, the default is "www-data" in our installation guide & virtual machine.

We submit our changes to Railo to the official Railo repository for the project. Hopefully, any changes we make to Railo will be included in some way in an official release by the Railo lead developers and then we'll make sure we're compatible with those changes when we upgrade on our end.

Development Version

Download Jetendo on The development version is what we run in production, but you may want to deploy from a release instead if you value stability instead. If you want to collaborate on Jetendo CMS development, you'll need to use the development version.

Jetendo Server on

Jetendo CMS on

About Jetendo Virtual Machine

We recommend first time users of Jetendo CMS download our VirtualBox image files and use Oracle Virtualbox to run it.  This will provide a complete working test environment Jetendo CMS built on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS that is identical to what we use for development.  

The Jetendo CMS source code and database as well as some configuration files are left out of the Virtual Machine intentionally to make it small and easy to distribute.

By using Virtualbox shared folders, we allow you to manage these files on your host machine, so that you can more easily drop in a new test environment virtual machine at a later date.

More information on how to configure your system will be available at a later date.

Software Tools for Jetendo CMS Developers

You may want to review the list of other software tools we recommend for working with Jetendo CMS and the server.

Recommended Development Software Tools

Send Us Your Feedback

I, Bruce Kirkpatrick - Author of Jetendo CMS, hope you enjoy using the software, but if for any reason, you get confused or stuck, please let me know.   The community feedback will be directly used to improve the software.  I look forward to your most honest negative and positive feedback.  The best place to discuss the software is out in the open.  Join the Jetendo Google Group and tell us your problem.

I work on this software every day, and I also do a lot of work for free. Chances are, your post will be replied to, and your ideas become part of the project.  Don't be afraid to be the first one to ask a question.  Everyone's opinion counts.


GPLv3 or later licenseJetendo CMS License
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