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Jetendo CMS Browser compatibility

Currently, Jetendo CMS supports the following browser software.

Desktop browsers

We test Jetendo CMS on Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 and the current stable versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

Mobile browsers

Safari on iOS devices, mobile Chrome and mobile Android browsers.

More about Jetendo CMS compatibility

Compatibility with future technology is not guaranteed, but we may choose to provide compatibility for those applications when they gain more support.  We also may drop support for older technologies that are used by less then 5% of users. For example, we no longer test our software on Internet Explorer <=8 or Safari on Windows or Android <=2.x.

Not all features will function identically on all browsers.  When this happens, we design the application to gracefully degrade so that is still partially functional.

The Jetendo CMS back-end manager is not designed for use on mobile devices.  We expect people to manage their Jetendo CMS web sites with a desktop browser.  Google Chrome is recommended.

Jetendo CMS is constantly in development and some changes to the software will automatically be applied to the Jetendo CMS managed services.  Users of our managed services agree to accept these changes automatically.

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