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MariaDB Connector Lucee Extension

The default database driver in Lucee is MySQL Connector, but we use MariaDB and not MySQL for Jetendo.  The MariaDB Connector was proven to be slightly higher performance then the MySQL Connector until certain configurations and features, so I have packaged the MariaDB driver the same way as the Lucee MySQL Extension does.   

Once you install it, MariaDB will show up as an option when adding a datasource.

The included driver was the newest available: MariaDB Connector/J 2.3.0

Download MariaDB Connector Lucee 5+ Extension


Here is a configuration example for application.cfc with the correct values:

this.datasources["yourdatabase"] = {
class: 'org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver'
, bundleName: 'org.mariadb.jdbc'
, bundleVersion: '2.3.0'
, connectionString: 'jdbc:mariadb://localhost:3306/yourdatabase'
, username: "your"
, password: "password"

// optional settings
, blob:true // default: false
, clob:true // default: false
//, connectionLimit:100 // default:-1
, connectionTimeout: 60
, alwaysSetTimeout:true // default: false

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