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Jetendo documentation system is now part of the main project

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Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 8:14PM

The CMS documentation and developer documentation system for Jetendo CMS is now included in the Jetendo CMS github repository now.  This makes it easy to update and have the most current documentation.

By default, the documentation is customized to the access level of the user account that you login to Jetendo CMS with.   This documentation is only visible while logged in.

However, Jetendo.com runs the latest version of Jetendo CMS, and it is setup with a special mode to allow all of the documentation to be visible to the public and indexed by search engines.

Having the documentation in the open source project will help the community be able to contribute to it.    Also on Jetendo.com, we have Disqus.com comments enabled for all pages of the site, so you can suggest corrections directly on the site if you wish.

We still have a minimal amount of documentation written, but it will be updated more in the future.

Jetendo CMS Documentation

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