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Jetendo Site Manager - User Features

Length: 5 minutes 9 seconds

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Feature outline as shown in the video:

  • Jetendo has several built-in user groups. Sometimes a site will have its own custom user groups as well to allow a custom membership feature to work.
  • When adding a user, it is important to set the “Access Rights” field to the correct value.
  • Administrator will have access to view/edit everything in the site manager.
  • Agent will have access to view/edit their own user profile and their leads.
  • User will not have access to the site manager, but they will be able to login to a user dashboard and view any content that is accessible to logged in users.
  • A user can have a “public profile”, which creates a formatted biography page for them on the front of the web site.
  • On sites with the listing application enabled, each user can enter their MLS Agent ID so that their public profile information will show on their listings.
  • Public users who create an account are not initially visible when you click on manage users. You have to click on “show public users” or search for Access Rights = User.
  • If you want to create an administrator that has access to edit only certain parts of the site, you can use the Limit Manager Features field to do this. It is recommended to consult the developer on how to use this field to ensure the correct access is set.
  • You can send a password reset email to any user. This is better then changing their password, since it lets them choose their own password and keep it private.
  • The information shown on the public user home page can be customized by the developer upon request.
  • Developers can import users with the Import Users feature, which requires custom programming.

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