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Jetendo Site Manager - Lead Features

Length: 6 minutes 4 seconds

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Feature outline as shown in the video:

  • Built-in forms and custom forms usually route all the captured information to email and the database for permanent record.
  • Once a lead is in the system, it can be viewed, commented on, or re-assigned.
  • It is possible to search leads, and then export only the search results.
  • You can add a lead manually to the system to allow you to track and assign it in this system.
  • You can also export all leads at once.
  • If you create multiple users with the “Agent” access rights, they will be able to login to view and comment on their own leads.
  • There is a mailing list signup feature that is separate from the inquiries table. These can be exported separately for use in other email campaign software.
  • It is possible to create lead template emails, which can be used to automate common email responses or notes for leads.
  • Each lead type can be routed differently, which changes who the lead is assigned to when new leads come in.
  • The lead source report will report where leads came from, such as google.com or another domain.

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