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Jetendo Site Manager - HTML Editor

Length: 8 minutes 1 second

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Feature outline as shown in the video:

  • The HTML Editor is able to handle a variety of HTML elements including embedded images, videos, iframes, links and tables.
  • You can upload and insert images that allow text to wrap around them.
  • You can upload and insert links to files like pdfs.
  • You can also organize images and files in directories.
  • You can make a single line break by press shift + enter instead of enter
  • You can directly view/edit the HTML by clicking on Tools > Source Code
  • You should try to set headings with Formats > Headings
  • If you want to remove formatting like bold/fonts/colors, you should select all the text and then click on Format > Clear formatting.
  • If you still have trouble with formatting when pasting from something else, it is suggested to paste your information to notepad first, and then paste it in the editor. You’ll have to rebuild any links, but this is the easier way to deal with advanced formatting problems.
  • You can create links by typing and selecting some text, and then clicking on the chain link icon. If you set the target to blank, the link will open in a new window when clicked.
  • You can insert a video or iframe in a specific location, by clicking Insert → Insert Video, Click on Embed, and then paste the code. Be careful not to paste <script> tag in the editor, as this is not supported and can break the website.
  • It is not recommended to add tables in the HTML editor because these don’t resize very well on mobile devices and they are more difficult to edit. However, the editor will display tables and allow editing them if you use them anyway.

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