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Jetendo Site Manager - Event Features

Length: 7 minutes 6 seconds

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Feature outline as shown in the video:

  • Events are added to Event Calendars so you must make at least one Event Calendar.
    You can have unlimited event calendars with different events on them.
  • You can also create landing pages called Event Categories. Multiple Event Categories can be on a single calendar, and this allows the user to search events by category.
  • Calendars and Categories can default to a 30 day calendar or a list view. And Search can be turned on or off.
  • Events just need a title and date range. The date range should be the start and end date for the single occurrence of that event. Any future occurrences should be created as separate records, or use the recurring rules feature. Events can be assigned to multiple calendars and categories.
  • Events can be set to recur with the same advanced rules that are allowed in the Icalendar standard used by more popular calendar software including email/calendar solutions from Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple and Google.
  • You can exclude dates from a recurring event schedule by clicking on them, or adding them manually.
  • You can limit how long or how many times an event repeats.
  • You can set a location for an event and map its location so the user sees an embedded Google map when viewing the event details.
  • You can create featured events, which forces them to appear first in list view even if other non-featured events occur sooner.
  • Developers can import an Icalendar file to migrate the calendar from another system to this system. Our event system has more features and allows this content to be hosted on this web site, boosting it’s search engine presence.

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