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Installing Lucee Extensions

You can drag a .lex file to the deploy directory of your lucee-server/deploy folder, or use the admin's extensions page to upload extensions at the bottom.

Note that I usually work against a development build of Lucee, so some of these extensions may require you to run a snapshot release.

Currently, I'm building these to work against or newer, but other versions may also work, depending on the API being used.

In some cases, I need to modify Lucee core to have the access to more things in an extension.  You can clone my fork of Lucee and build it to be able to have the same Lucee I do.  I'm also fixed bugs and feature problems with it that may never come to the official release, but that help make the admin and Lucee work better in my opinion, and at least for the way I use Lucee in Jetendo.


I'm also considering maintaining a more substantially different fork that removes all of the unused features in Lucee, but I currently don't base my work on that version yet.   I think Lucee should be good at being Lucee, and discard previous notions of compatibility and legacy.  This is easy to do from my perspective where I have the ability to modify my application to match that set of features.   

The core motivations for forking Lucee are:

  1. To be able to maintain and move forward the Lucee technology myself independently.
  2. Increase how much Java work I'm doing because Java is fun.
  3. Offer something truly unique and world-class to our customers.  
  4. Submit bug or feature pull requests to the original project.
  5. Continue to verify that the project stays functional as an open source project now and in the future so it can't accidentally or intentionally become a secret of how to maintain it.

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