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A little about me and Jetendo

I'm Bruce Kirkpatrick and I built and maintain the Jetendo project as part of the commercial work I do full-time for hundreds of small to medium sized business clients. Many of our clients are in Florida and some are scattered around the USA. 

Jetendo is basically everything we need for our production sites, including the server configuration, all the software requirements.  Several different languages are used, but CFML is the core language.  It functions as a flexible CMS application built mostly by myself since 2001 to help with a variety of custom web site projects.   Instead of building standalone project, I build one that can run them all.   This  a single installation, single database thanks to heavy code reuse, and data separation via a domain-based site_id.  We don't attempt to make it easy for others to get involved with Jetendo since we don't make any money on that as a company.   Our application doesn't attempt to provide a promise of backwards compatibility, normal version or an official API yet, and the application is constantly changing to suite our needs.  There are a lot of useful parts in it, and sometimes I isolate them to be easier to share on our github account here:


It takes extra effort to make sure our code is clean for sharing, and I really don't want client specific changes to be part of the projects, so the open source project is good justification for never polluting our core application.  I also need to be able to ensure that other systems are able to be upgraded quickly because I don't work alone, so I automate and document changes as I go, and repeat updating other systems to minimize downtime.  Someone could be able to update without me, though it might not always be true, since it is not thoroughly tested and the changes are sometimes made to the environment too. 

I've begun to do various changes and extensions for Lucee using Java to make Jetendo better, but some of these features may be useful for others and are being shared separately here.

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