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Jetendo CMS Runs Our Business

Jetendo is used for hundreds of web sites at our company.  Maybe it could help you if you partner with us and leverage the benefits of our exclusive technology and expertise as a client or outside vendor.  It's probably harder to use it outside our company as a developer since there are so many specialized parts to it.

It was built and released as open source because it takes a lot more then a single client or company to build something like this and I didn't want to accidentally or intentionally give the rights to all this work to someone else and have no rights to it myself.  Occasionally, we isolate some parts that are smaller projects that may help the development community, but mostly it is a personal project to explore making the technology used on our web sites and tools better and more consolidated.

Jetendo Helps Across The Company

Jetendo CMS is designed for people of all skill levels.  Whether you take advantage of our premium managed services or work on your own, we think you'll find something to make your custom web site design, programming and management easier.

A great solution for Marketing & Small BusinessDesigners and Developers.

For marketing and small business

Save time and money with our free open source solution. Our user-friendly web based management interface makes web site maintenance easy. Our flexible content management system (CMS) has tight integration between its many features which allow you to do more before incurring costs.  

The core features include: full featured blog, customizable landing pages, menus, slideshows, widgets, custom fields, lead capture forms and a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution.  

Turn-key solutions available for real estate and rentals web sites which focus on providing ways to add, browse, search and inquire about specific listings.

For designers

Jetendo CMS provides tools to implement your custom design, while still allowing the client to maintain the text, images and video.  It is possible to achieve a wide variety of graphic styles with our CMS through the many options and CSS styles that we have created.

Premium paid services such as managed hosting, training, programming and consultation are available to enable you to provide services to your clients that you previously weren't able to.

For developers

Build custom web sites faster with a one of the easiest server-side languages: CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language). High performance, scalable and easy to upgrade. Our application is optimized for the Lucee 5 - The fastest CFML Engine.  

Compatible with major browsers (IE11 and recent versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and generates valid HTML 5 output.

Integrate with our library of CFC and functions to automate common web application development tasks.

Jetendo CMS's multi-tenant design allows rapid setup and maintenance of many sites on a single installation as well as minimizing resource usage.

Become a contributor and work more closely with us to learn how to make your applications faster, more secure and easier to maintain.

Latest Official Version

Jetendo CMS v0.1.009
Released: 9/27/14 | Release Notes

Jetendo Server v0.1.009
Released: 9/27/14

Jetendo Default Theme v0.1.009
Released: 9/27/14

Looking for a previous version?

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Development Version

Download Jetendo on
Download the latest development version of Jetendo Server on GitHub and the virtual machine on the downloads page to get started.


GPLv3 or later license
Jetendo CMS License
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